Class ii type b2 biosafety cabinet

Class II type b2 biosafety cabinet provides protection for the operator, the material or product and the environment. Such boxes are used for working with hazardous objects, which relate to 1, 2 and 3 levels of biological protection. Advantages of bsc:

  • Safety for the operator, environment, material and stuff of the room from dangerous fumes or infection during the work with harmful and dangerous microorganisms, components and objects.
  • Different contamination is not possible due to a special installed system.
  • If the operator will investigate or work with toxic chemicals and radionuclides in small quantities, class 2 type b2 cabinet is a work of filters, so it should have a separate exhaust system.
  • The laminar box is designed for tests, work and research in medical, technical, pharmaceutical and other laboratories where the operator works with hazardous and harmful biological materials.

It should be taken into account that class II b2 biological safety cabinet should have its own separate exhaust system, and there must be a special ventilation system in the laboratory where the module will be installed. If there is no recirculation in this module, the stuff of the lab can test and investigate a small amount of toxic and chemical materials.

The most important features and aims of class II type b2 biosafety cabinets:

  • There is no air recirculation; safety for the operator is obtained by removing filtered air into the filtration system.
  • There are two separate filters with fans, it is necessary for the air to enter the chamber and rise up into the filter.
  • Contaminated air enters to effective purification system.
  • The room and operator are protected from toxic materials.
  • There is a special alarm and a control system for operating the cabinet so that the stuff could control the operation of the filtration system inside the box.
  • Type b2 cabinets are equipped with fixing systems and wheels for installation or movement.
  • The control system helps to control the operation in the box and to correct possible malfunctions in time.
  • DRIVE-N-ROLL technology helps the UV block to slide on the desk and under the table. This exhaust UV unit is in the basic configuration.

Type b2 cabinets

Main  characteristics of  the  biological   safety   cabinet   classII  type  B2  BMB-II-“Laminar-S”-1,2 (231.120)

Air cleanliness class in the working chamber of the cabinet for suspended particles content according to ISO 14644-1-2002 5 ISO
Class of the cabinet according  to EN 12469-2010, NSF/ANSI 49 II
Type of the cabinet according to NSF/ANSI 49 B2
Class of the installed in the cabinet НЕРА-filters according to EN 1822-1-2010 Н14
Class of the installed preliminary filter according to EN 779-2014 G4
Average downflow velocity in the work chamber, m/s 0,35+0,01
Average velocity of the air inflow though the work opening, m/s, not less than 0,47±0,03
Illuminance level in the work zone, lux, not less than 1000
Air recirculation rate in the cabinet, % missing

Main parameters and dimensions of the biological safety cabinet class II type B2 BMB-II-“Laminar-S”-1,2 (231.120)  

Dimensions of the assembled cabinet, mm (WхDхH) 1200х810х2325
Dimensions of the cabinet’s work chamber, mm (WхDхH) 1105x610x705
Mass of assembled cabinet with the stand, kg, not more than 270
Input power of the cabinet (exclusively of the load on the built-in outlets), W, not more than 720
Maximum load allowed on the sockets, W 1000
Air volume supplied to the work chamber of the cabinet, m3/h 795-820
Air volume exhausted from the cabinet, m3/h 1135-1205

Additional Options to biological safety cabinet class II type B2

  • Multi-purpose taps
  • Extra outleta
  • LED lighting of the working chamber

Dimensional drawing of the BMB-II-“Laminar-S”-1,2