Class II type a2 biosafety cabinets features

This type of box was made to protect biological objects and dangerous materials and an operator from contamination. This is an excellent solution for laboratory work with radioactivity substances, harmful components and toxic chemicals. Due to the fact that class II A2 biological safety cabinet is an environmentally closed place for work – the operator of the laboratory or company will make the necessary actions and researches inside the box, without the risk of contamination or infection. Such types of boxes protect the investigated product from ingress of alien extraneous components and substances, so these modules could be successfully used to test microorganisms from the first to the third levels of biological safety.

The main distinctive feature of class 2 type A2 biological safety cabinets is the cleaned airflow that comes from the outside. The air intake system prevents the dangerous reagents from getting to the room or environment. The contamination of the material, which is investigated in the box, is excluded.


  • Physical isolation with retention and controlled removal from the researching area of pathogenic biological objects and microorganisms to prevent the possibility of infection stuff by airborne droplets and contamination of air in the workplace and the environment.
  • Safety of working materials and objects inside the working place of ​​the type A2 cabinet from different types of contamination.
  • Safety for the operator in equipping individual working zones in bacteriological investigated laboratories of medical, pharmaceutical companies and other institutions for researching with harmful and dangerous objects, materials and microorganisms.

There are differences between 2 class bsc of type A and type B. The main difference is the percentage of recirculated and outgoing air. Class II type A2 microbiological safety cabinets can be equipped with a variety of systems that take out air. Some types of boxes return air back to the room, from where it was originally taken. But it is needed to install a hood cupboard for work with other models of such type of cabinets.