Class II biosafety cabinet features

Class II biosafety cabinet offers protection for operators, products and the environment from exposure of harmful and dangerous toxins and fumes during inspection, analysis, research of hazardous materials, reagents and toxic objects. Such cabinets or boxes are designed for applications in the research, clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratories where certified operators make different analyzes of harmful and dangerous components. Boxes of different classes guarantee biological safety for the stuff and the environment from different types of toxic and virus threat. Many companies have already developed the latest modified models of such cabinets with improved filtration systems, but similar features and the main specifications for operation are still the same.

It is necessary to take into account a lot of different factors to choose a laminate module of this type:

  • where the box will be located in the laboratory or research room,
  • requirements to the investigated object based on risk assessments,
  • the size and quantity of investigated objects, reagents, substances and materials and procedures to be performed in the lab,
  • installation and adjustment of the mechanical system of air outlet into the box, ventilation and its return to the box. It is worth remembering that boxes of this type return almost 70% of cleaned air to the work area, which passed through the filter.

Class II microbiological safety cabinets are the safety of the object and stuff, but also important the fact of the environmental protection. Bsc has three key features:

  • the front working window has a carefully thought-out airflow, which is constantly inside the box and does not go beyond it. The airflow goes up, takes harmful vapors from the investigated object and goes to the main HERA filter;
  • the harmful air enters the HEPA filter and is cleaned there, then some of the clean air goes out (into the room or into the ventilation), and the other part returns to the working area for further circulation;
  • the exhaust system should be installed and tested, when installing the camera in a laboratory. Wrong actions could let harmful fumes get into laboratory or to the environment.