Class 3 cabinets

Class III microbiological safety cabinet is closed laminar module for researching and working with dangerous substances, viruses and toxic components. Such boxes are completely isolated. It is closed working area, which is safe for the operator and the environment. The operator works with a hazardous material or object with gloves that connected to the glass box and have sealed seams. Reliability and security allow cameras of this class to conduct research and development with hazardous materials like bacteria, chemicals, viruses and carcinogens of high level of threat. Cabinets of the first and second class do not allow working with dangerous materials of such level of threat.


The working area is a large-sized glass box for the convenient researching and working with objects of different sizes and forms. The operator puts the material or object in the front compartment, closes the lid, puts his hands in gloves and takes the object from the compartment into the working zone. The compartment has a dense lid and its own filtration system, so harmful fume from the object does not go to the laboratory, it enters the working zone and go up to the filter. Boxes of class III do not give the operator direct contact with the object under investigation, therefore they completely protect against infection or contamination.

There are several filters inside the module or it could be one, this filtration system purifies the air and it goes to the hood or to the laboratory. Filters have high power and suction level, so dangerous air does not stay in the working area, it goes to the filter with the help of power fans. The functionality of class III biosafety cabinet allows one operator to do all manipulations and operations independently without harm to his health and the danger to the environment and the laboratory. There is own cleaning system inside the box, so the working zone is always clean. Other cabinets of first and second class do not protect the operator and environment from dangerous fumes from harmful objects because there is straight contact between them.